FlexiServer 1.6

FlexiServer allows you to track and manage the time spent by your employees
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FlexiServer is software that allows you to track and manage the time spent by the employees in your business, making it easy for you to know where resources are being used and when people is slacking off. It has basic features such as quality management, log viewing, leave reports, application usage, etc.
FlexiServer runs as a server on the host system, making it easy to setup for your business. You can add, remove and modify employees with just the click of a button. What's more, you can find out which employees have been slacking off in their work by looking at the logs. They can lie of course, but since there are other people in charge of them, the probability of getting away with it is very low.
Once installed, FlexiServer runs as a service with it's GUI running in the background on the host only. You can access it from anywhere else by simply logging in to the web interface thus making it easy for you to check your employees from virtually anywhere.
There is also a private mode that employees can use when they need to run personal errands. This is a useful feature as it lets managers know exactly what is happening in the company.
FlexiServer is a must have for almost all businesses that need the security and power that the software offers.

Fabian Enos
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  • Easy to setup.
  • Web interface allows anywhere access.
  • Powerful.
  • Good Pricing


  • Its high cost can be an issue.
  • Easy to enter false information
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