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Tracks hours and attendance of staff across a company
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FlexiServer is one in a suite of two programs intended to track employee hours. As its name suggests, it works as a server in which all the data is stored. Luckily, the program is very light and does not require a dedicated machine. Instead, it can be installed on a standard computer, like that of the manager. As a counterpart, it is necessary to set up a program called FlexiStation on each of the machines used by the employees.

The program has a very simple desktop interface; however, there is very little you can do with it, except for some configuration tasks. In fact, most of the operations are performed through the program’s web-based interface, to which you can access from a regular browser. Luckily, doing anything with the program requires the previous authentication.

The software can effectively monitor the time your employees spend working as it is able to detect idle time and breaks. For this purpose, the program also takes regular screenshots of the workstations. Fortunately, the information collected is not only available to the manager but also to the employees themselves. FlexiServer lets the administrator manage office locations, set public holidays and edit break seasons. Likewise, a regular worker can introduce a sick leave for themselves or even for a coworker as well as request time off.

In general, FlexiServer has the main advantage of being so light that it does not require purchasing special hardware. Moreover, it can be accessed from any computer thanks to its web-based interface. It is also excellent that the host machine does not need to be on at all times because FlexiStation continues to collect information even when the server is not available. In such cases, the new data is transferred automatically when FlexiServer is back online. The product is sold in various editions, which are different only in the top number of staff members allowed: Enterprise Edition (unlimited), Corporate Edition (up to 25) and Business Edition (up to 10).

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  • Available from any computer on the network
  • Access protected by password
  • Does not require special hardware
  • Server does not need to be on all the time


  • Contains links to other products by the same developer
  • Language problems in the site and the help documentation
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